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Austin, TX, Restoration Company Warns Homeowners About Mold Growth in Cold Rooms
Thursday, October 21st 2021, 11:30 AM

Can Mold Grow in a Cold Room?

Austin, United States - October 20, 2021 / All Nation Restoration /

All Nation Restoration understands the headache and expense involved in property damage in Austin, TX. To ensure customers receive the best the industry has to offer, All Nation Restoration provides innovative training, technology, and techniques to its technicians in order to custom fit the services to the client’s situation, including mold mitigation.

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Can mold grow in a cold room?

If mold needs food, moisture, and warmth to flourish, the homeowner may wonder, “Does mold grow in cold rooms?” A science and technology news site explains the somewhat counterintuitive answer to this question: “Does mold die in the winter or in cold? It would make sense to assume this. Unfortunately, it’s not that simple. Even though it needs a specific environment to flourish, mold can adapt to a variety of weather conditions.”

As it turns out, cold rooms are not consistently cool enough to prevent the growth of mold. The change in temperature during the day and from day to day causes condensation on the walls of the cold room. The build-up of condensation encourages mold growth over time. Poor ventilation, combined with the absence of airflow, hinders the evaporation of the moisture that has condensed on the walls of the cold room. If this condensation is not addressed, the resulting mold growth and structural damage will likely require professional attention.

Why are there cold rooms in a home?

The reasons for cold rooms are numerous. Homeowners will shut off rooms that are seldom used. If a child goes off to college or gets married, the parents may shut up the child’s room, including closing the vents to save on energy bills. Interest in sewing diminishes, so the sewing room — which is filled with fabric, a favorite food for mold — is closed off. The unfinished bonus room above the garage is closed off for months at a time until further renovations can be made. The playroom only sees the light of day when the grandchildren visit during major holidays. Older couples whose children have all left the nest often live in homes where most of the rooms are rarely used. The blinds are closed. The vents are shut. The closet doors are never opened. Meanwhile, mold grows unnoticed and unchecked. Though not connected to the home’s HVAC system, the storage closet in the garage experiences a wide range of temperatures, and the condensation makes the closet a prime location for mold growth.

How serious is mold growth in a cold room?

Mold growth in a cold room can result in a mold infestation throughout the entire home. Once the mold is established in the cold room, it can spread to other areas of the house through several avenues. Mold in the carpet can be tracked into other rooms. Mold on clothes, shoes, and other items stored in the closet can transport mold to other locations when the items are removed from the closet. When the HVAC system is active in the room, whether for heating or cooling, mold spores that have infested the vents and ductwork will infiltrate the entire home through the ductwork.

How can mold be prevented from growing in a cold room?

Here are several steps to prevent or reduce mold growth in a cold room.

  1. Improve ventilation and airflow.

Providing adequate ventilation and airflow is the best way to prevent mold growth in a cold room. The reduction in moisture build-up and condensation does not create an environment that fosters mold growth.

  1. Identify and repair any vulnerabilities in a cold room.

These vulnerabilities include:

    • air leakage from poorly insulated windows
    • missing insulation
    • improperly installed or missing vapor barriers
    • water leaks from the windows, roof, toilet, or water supply line
    • moisture intrusion from an adjacent bathroom while the tub or shower is in use

These issues need to be properly addressed to restore the integrity of the cold room.

  1. Install a dehumidifier to keep the room dry.

Dehumidifiers are energy-efficient and are highly effective at removing moisture within a certain range.

  1. Keep the room open.

Consider allowing the room to remain open and maintaining it at the same temperature as the rest of the home. The expense to remediate mold and repair property damage may far exceed the increase in the energy bill.

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What should the homeowner do if mold is discovered?

Small outbreaks of mold can be dealt with by the homeowner. However, the presence of any mold outbreak should motivate the homeowner to take measures to determine the extent of the mold growth. Just because a visual inspection does not turn up much mold does not mean that mold has not reached infestation levels. Do a smell test. If the musty, earthy smell is strong, the problem could be significant.

The experts at All Nation Restoration are dedicated to helping customers resolve mold issues. Certified technicians can test for and treat mold. Any property damage resulting from a mold infestation can be repaired by the talented team of professionals at All Nation Restoration. The property damage restoration company in Austin, TX, can manage the entire project, bring it to completion, and deliver the necessary documentation that work has been completed. Whatever solution the homeowner chooses, All Nation Restoration is ready to walk him or her through the mold remediation process.

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