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Tuesday, December 8th 2020, 7:00 PM

How to Rent Drying Equipment for a DIY Water Damage Restoration Project

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All Nation Restoration understands the disruption, stress, and expense involved in water damage in Austin and Waco, Texas. The homeowners and businesses that the property damage restoration company serves can continue life as normal because All Nation Restoration handles all the hard work and heavy lifting. The team’s great attitude, skills, and customer service set the bar high in the damage restoration industry. To ensure customers receive the best service, All Nation Restoration provides fresh training, advanced technology, and innovative techniques to its staff.

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For various reasons, some clients desire to tackle a water damage disaster as a DIY project. Often, they choose the DIY route if the water damage incident affects only one room or if the incident involves a minor amount of water.

The water damage is minimal.

One example would be a minor tub overflow in the bathroom. Most of the water could be mopped up with towels or removed with a wet/dry shop vac. A typical box fan would be sufficient to dry up the surface moisture in an hour or so. Hopefully, little or no water seeped under the floor covering or tile. If moisture did penetrate to the subflooring, more effective equipment would be needed to extract the water trapped under the floor covering.

For the homeowner who has the time, the floor covering could be removed. The subfloor could be dried by the fan, and the floor covering could be replaced once the area is dried. If the incident involved carpet in the bathroom, a big box residential shop vac, and a box fan are not enough. The DIY water damage restoration could take so long that mold could grow and complicate the restoration process.

The homeowner has no insurance and limited funds.

A homeowner might attempt to take on water damage restoration as a DIY project either because the insurance company will not cover the incident or the homeowner does not have homeowner’s insurance. If the homeowner has limited funds, he or she will need to do as much of the restoration project as possible to reduce the cost of damage restoration. As daunting as the challenge may be, the homeowner on a tight budget with no insurance money may have no other choice.

The homeowner has the knowledge, skills, and experience to confidently take on the project.

Another reason a homeowner would seek to manage a water damage disaster as a DIY project is because they have the knowledge, skills, experience, and time. Confidence plays an important role in completing a DIY project. A successful DIY water damage restoration project is a major undertaking. Knowing what to do and how to do it is not enough. Time is crucially important in a water damage disaster. Delays in water removal, drying, and dehumidifying can result in advanced secondary water damage and mold infestation. The DIY project must be carried out correctly, thoroughly, and timely.

Can the homeowner just rent the drying equipment?

Most property owners do not have their own commercial-grade drying equipment. This lack of appropriate equipment is an obstacle to successfully mitigating water damage in a home or business as a DIY project. The right equipment and the skills to use that equipment can make a DIY water damage restoration project a huge success.

All Nation Restoration offers water damage equipment rentals in the Austin area. Rental includes free delivery and set up. All Nation Restoration rents everything the DIY project needs, including:

  • moisture meters
  • portable water extractors
  • dehumidifiers
  • air movers
  • air scrubbers
  • odor eliminating ozone machines
  • anti-microbial fogging machines
  • demolition tools

All rentals are delivered by a trained water damage technician. To ensure the project goes well, the trained technicians perform the following services:

  • Inspect the DIY project and offer free restoration advice to make the process easier and more efficient
  • Demonstrate how to set up and properly operate the equipment for maximum drying
  • Provide step by step instructions to get the job done properly
  • Identify exactly what materials need to be removed
  • Identify equipment that will be needed for the project
  • Explain where to place the equipment and how to set it up to maximize drying efforts
  • Always be available to answer any questions and to help when and where needed
water damage restoration

The experts at All Nation Restoration are committed to customer service. The water damage restoration company in Austin, TX, can take on the entire project, bring it to completion, and provide the necessary documentation that work has been completed. All Nation Restoration also offers consultation and rental options for ambitious homeowners who want to tackle some or all of the project on their own. Whatever solution the homeowner chooses, All Nation Restoration is ready to walk with the homeowner through the process.

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