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Why Clogged Drains Leak and Cause Water Damage
Tuesday, November 10th 2020, 9:45 PM

How Water Damage From Leakage in Drain Pipes Can Occur in Austin, TX, Homes

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All Nation Restoration is well aware of the disruption and anxiety involved in water damage in Austin and Waco, TX. Homeowners and businesses served by All Nations Restoration can continue life as normal because All Nation Restoration handles all the hard work and heavy lifting. The team’s great attitude, high skill level, and outstanding customer service set the bar high in the service industry. To ensure customers receive the best the property damage industry has to offer, All Nation Restoration provides up-to-date training, advanced technology, and innovative techniques to its staff in order to custom fit the service to the client’s needs, including water damage restoration.

Many homeowners associate damaging water leakage with broken or leaky water supply lines such as are found on washing machines, dishwashers, and ice makers. This connection makes sense because supply lines are under pressure at forty to fifty psi, and a full leak at this pressure can surge seven to nine gallons per minute onto the floor. A leaking supply line can flood a room or even the whole home or business if not immediately and properly resolved.

Water leakage from clogged drain pipes can be a source of indoor water damage, as well. The damage from a clogged drain pipe is usually less dramatic than the damage that occurs from a spewing supply line. Nevertheless, drain pipes are a common source for water that slowly damages a home and may support mold growth. Drain clogs can trigger leaks in pipes connected to bathtubs, sinks, garbage disposals, and showers.

Water supply lines to washing machines, icemakers, dishwashers, sinks, and showers are under great pressure, but they are constructed to be durable, strong, and tightly sealed in order to hold up under constant internal water pressure. As a side note, typical washing machine supply lines that are not reinforced with steel sheathing are only rated to provide about five to seven years of trouble-free service. Many of these supply lines last much longer, giving the homeowner a false sense of security. However, homeowners forget about the possibility of a spontaneous rupture until it is too late. At this point, it is time to call a qualified water damage restoration and repair specialist.

Drain pipes and joints are constructed to transport water that flows under much less pressure than supply lines. As clogs develop, water backs up inside the drain pipe. The ongoing presence of standing water in the pipe may lead to leaks through the caulking and around the seals at threaded pipe joints.

When clogging is in process, standing water may be confined inside the drain pipes for extended periods of time, even weeks or months. This continuous presence of water increases the probability of corrosion on the internal walls of the pipe or other deterioration of the pipe material and joints.

When drainpipe clogs occur, homeowners often utilize very caustic chemical drain cleaners to dissolve and clear the clog. These harsh chemicals are corrosive, degrading, and compromising the integrity of the drain pipe material and often leading to leakage. Homeowners should be aware that these harsh chemicals may pool or settle in other areas of the drainpipe system, causing problems elsewhere in the system. An inexpensive and quick fix at the moment may result in an expense and time-consuming remedy in the future.

Frequently, house plans call for the drain pipes to be routed through areas of a structure that are not readily visible to the occupants. As a consequence, leakage from drain pipes may take place over a lengthy period of time before being discovered. During that time span, extensive damage can occur to the surrounding structure. Flooring can warp, buckle, or rot, and floor joists may warp or begin to degrade. Wall studs can warp and crack. Insulation may need to be replaced, and ceilings may show signs of sagging and mildew.

Mold growth may also be present. In all of the situations where water leakage occurs, mold infestation is highly likely. Mold loves dark, moist, and warm areas. A very slow drain pipe leak in the ceiling, walls, or under the structure over a period of weeks, months, or even years can cause extensive damage that requires not only water damage restoration but also significant reconstruction.

Homeowners need to keep an eye out for drain pipe leakage. Though the leaks can be slow and subtle in their impact, extensive damage can occur over a long timespan. When water damage is discovered, the experts at All Nation Restoration are ready to respond. The team of professionals is truly committed to customer service. The water damage restoration company in Austin, TX, can handle the entire project, bring it to completion, and provide the necessary documentation that work has been completed.

All Nation Restoration also offers consultation and rental options for ambitious homeowners who want to tackle some or all of the project on their own as a DIY endeavor. Whatever solution is chosen, All Nation Restoration is ready to walk with the homeowner through the process.

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