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Restoration Company Explains the Challenges of Selling a Water Damaged House
Wednesday, October 7th 2020, 3:50 PM

How to Deal with Water Damage in a House That Is for Sale

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All Nation Restoration understands the disruption and stress involved in a water damage incident. The homeowners and businesses that the company serves can continue life as usual because all the hard work and heavy lifting are handled by All Nation Restoration. The team’s great attitude, skills, and customer service set the bar high in the service industry. To ensure customers receive the best the industry has to offer, All Nation Restoration provides fresh training, advanced technology, and innovative techniques to its staff in order to custom fit the service to the client’s needs, including water damage restoration.

Water damage is a home’s worst enemy, especially when the homeowner is trying to sell the house. Residential water damage is relatively common. Four out of ten homes will suffer a loss due to water damage, and 98% of basements will have some type of water or moisture issue. A burst pipe or an unexpected flash flood can cause an emergency water damage situation. Selling a house that has water damage is a challenge, but homeowners can rely on a professional water damage restoration company, such as All Nation Restoration.

Are sellers required to disclose a property’s history of water damage to buyers?

When in doubt, disclose. Experts say that full disclosure is both ethical and wise. Disclosures, a necessary part of any real estate transaction, document in writing any known issues with a property. While these requirements vary by state, known water-damage instances are one of the routine items the seller will have to disclose on the transfer disclosure statement.

Legal remedies may be pursued against a seller who fails to make disclosures about previous or potential water damage. Three parties may find themselves in legal hot water if water damage situations are concealed. These parties are the seller, the seller’s real estate agent, and the buyer’s inspector. Because water damage is a safety and health issue, failure on the part of the seller to disclose or correct the problem is quite serious.

Water damage

Some words of wisdom to the seller

1. Disclose current water damage.

Provide a history of water damage in the past. Concealing the damage with drywall and spray foam insulation could lead to legal battles that could cost much more than the cost to repair the water damage.

2. Explore mold mitigation solutions.

The seller can pay to resolve the mold issues, or the buyer can reduce their offer to cover the cost of the remediation. The seller can offer a repair credit. The downside of the repair credit option is that the seller will end up offering a credit that is greater than the actual cost of the repair. No seller wants to lose money unnecessarily.

3. Repair areas with water damage.

Contacting the insurance company at this juncture is a good first step. Next, contact a reputable water damage restoration company that has a solid track record in the community. The homeowner can leave the entire project in the hands of the restoration specialist.

4. Document all remediation measures.

The sales contract should document the water damage restoration process. Receipts and all paperwork dealing with the repairs, including warranties, should be saved. They will serve as proof of completed work at the closing.

5. Finally, seek advice and assistance.

Bringing in water damage and mold damage experts to consult on the repair and review options can only help with finding a solution that works for all parties involved.

The experts at All Nation Restoration are committed to customer service. The water damage restoration company in Austin, TX, can take on the entire project, bring it to completion, and provide the necessary documentation that work has been completed. All Nation Restoration also offers consultation and rental options for the ambitious homeowners who want to tackle some or all of the project on their own as a DIY. Whatever solution the homeowner chooses, All Nation Restoration is ready to walk with the homeowner through the process.

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