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All Nation Restoration's Six-Step Process for Mold Removal in Oak Hill, TX
Monday, September 19th 2022, 4:00 AM

Providing Mold Remediation Services for Homes and Businesses in Oak Hill, TX

Austin, United States - September 19, 2022 / All Nation Restoration /

The mold removal professionals at All Nation Restoration are committed to providing excellent customer service and property damage cleanup and restoration services to clients in the Austin, TX, and Oak Hill, TX, areas. The restoration company in Austin, TX, can tackle the entire project from beginning to end and provide the proper documentation that the work has been completed. All Nation Restoration also offers consultation and rental options for homeowners who wants to take care of some or all of the mold remediation on their own as a DIY project. No matter what solution the homeowner chooses, All Nation Restoration is ready to work with the client throughout the process.


Six-Step Process for Mold Remediation

There are over 100,000 different species of mold. Stachybotrys chartarum or black mold, as well as Cladosporium, Penicillium, and Alternaria are often found growing in US homes.

A frequent misconception that many homeowners have is that mold can be completely eradicated from the home. This feat is impossible to achieve because mold is everywhere, including in the air as microscopic mold spores. Problems arise when mold takes hold in the home and starts to multiply, as is the case in a mold infestation. When there is a musty smell in the house or when mold is discovered growing on surfaces in the home, steps should immediately be taken to remove the mold and make the home clean again. All Nation Restoration’s team of mold removal specialists follows a six-step process to remove indoor mold from local homes and businesses.

Step #1: Locate the source of the mold.

Trained and experienced mold removal technicians identify the source of the mold and take immediate action to stop the mold growth while preventing it from spreading to other areas of the structure.

Step #2: Treat the mold outbreak.

An antimicrobial solution is applied to the mold-infested area. This treatment stabilizes the mold, preventing it from becoming airborne and contaminating other areas of the house or facility. The goal is to avoid the spread of the infestation, which limits the overall cost and duration of the remediation project.

Step #3: Contain existing mold to keep it from spreading.

All Nation Restoration technicians install plastic sheeting to seal off rooms that have been contaminated by mold growth. This technique stops any mold that survived the initial treatment from continuing to spread. Technicians also set up an industrial-grade HEPA air scrubber to maintain clean air in the area that is enclosed by the plastic sheeting.

Step #4: Remove contaminated items and materials.

The technicians will bag any materials that cannot be salvaged and will ensure that the bags are removed from the client’s property and properly disposed of.

Step #5: Clean up mold-infested areas.

To ensure that all mold growth and discoloration are eliminated, the IICRC-certified technicians meticulously clean the mold-infested area by hand using a safe and powerful antimicrobial agent. After the site is cleaned and wiped down, the plastic containment walls will be removed.

Step #6: Perform decontamination.

The final step in the process involves decontaminating the entire structure using a fogging machine. This step ensures that the mold problem is addressed at every point.

One of the many satisfied customers who received mold removal services from All Nation Restoration described their positive interaction with the technicians and expressed overwhelming satisfaction with the results of the mold remediation process: “We have been working with All Nation for a few weeks now to deal with a pretty extensive mold remediation job that has had many unexpected roadblocks pop up throughout. I have never experienced such professional, courteous, communicative service across the board from every tech we have encountered. We have worked with William, Chase P, Chris, Josh & Landon to name a few - and each one of them has treated our home with care and always treats us and our time with respect. I will continue to recommend All Nation to my friends and family and would never think to go somewhere else if we have further restoration needs. For their stellar customer service, their timeliness, and their integrity, All Nation is a 10/10.”

To learn more about Oak Hill, TX, mold removal, email All Nation Restoration at or call the office at (512) 934-8180.

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