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Are Water Leaks Always Accompanied by Mold Growth?
Monday, July 4th 2022, 8:40 AM

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All Nation Restoration wants homeowners and businesses to realize that in many situations when a structure suffers water damage, mold removal may need to be an important step in the cleanup and restoration process.

Water Leaks and Mold

Water leaks and mold often occur together. Mold begins to grow rather quickly when a water release or water intrusion occurs in a home or business, but not all water leaks are accompanied by mold. There are steps that can be taken to prevent mold growth in areas of a home or business suffering a water damage disaster.

The introduction of excessive moisture into the home as a result of a water leak creates an environment that fosters the growth of mold indoors on plywood, paneling, furniture, fabric, paper, drywall, and tile. As mold grows on organic surfaces such as wood and fabric, it breaks down these organic materials. If left unchecked, mold can cause serious structural and cosmetic damage.

The solution to unwanted mold growth in a home or business is to properly control the moisture. If a recent leak has occurred, the homeowner should take immediate action to prevent the growth of mold by reducing or eliminating the unwanted moisture.

The Rate of Mold Growth

Many factors have a bearing on the rate at which mold grows in the wake of a water damage disaster. Warmer temperatures and higher humidity accelerate mold growth. A high concentration of mold spores in the home increases the likelihood of an infestation when conditions are right. Some species of mold are more aggressive than others. Porous, organic surfaces are a breeding ground for mold spores. In general, mold will begin to grow within 24 to 48 hours after a water leak or water intrusion occurs. The window to stop mold growth is very narrow and requires swift action.

Mold spores are microscopic. They can be growing on surfaces long before the evidence is visible. By the time a mold infestation is detectible, the spores have been colonizing anywhere from 18 to 21 days.

When temperature and surface conditions are favorable, mold growth begins in just a few hours. As a mold spore grows, it releases more mold spores into the air which can then attach to other surfaces and begin to grow. In the event of a water leak or flooding, quick action is the best way to prevent a mold infestation.

The Risk Hazard of Mold Growth from a Water Leak

Not every water intrusion will result in a mold infestation, though the potential for a mold problem is present. A water intrusion involving large quantities of water, extensive surface damage, and delays in water removal, drying, and dehumidification increase the likelihood of a major mold issue. Excess water, moisture, and humidity should be mitigated as rapidly as possible. Every hour a water damage disaster is allowed to go unaddressed increases the likelihood of secondary advanced damage, including a mold infestation. As a rule of thumb, if a water damage disaster goes 48 hours without being addressed, assume mold is growing.

Preventing Mold Growth after a Water Damage Disaster

Follow these precautionary steps to lower the risk of a mold infestation after a water release or water intrusion from flooding or storm damage.

  1. Identify and repair leaks as soon as they are discovered.
  2. Clean up standing water and remove excess moisture immediately, according to the EPA.
  3. Items that cannot be cleaned or completely dried should be removed from the home.
  4. Reduce humidity levels by running the HVAC system or room dehumidifier.
  5. Open windows and doors and run fans to increase air circulation.
  6. Do not neglect or ignore water and moisture hidden or trapped behind walls and under flooring. Removal of moisture in these affected areas requires special equipment, technology, and techniques that only a qualified, equipped, and well-trained water damage cleanup and restoration professional can provide.


When to Seek Professional Help for Water Damage Cleanup and Mold Removal

Call in a professional water damage restoration and mold remediation professional to clean up and restore a water damage disaster when the situation is beyond the capability of the homeowner to handle quickly, safely, and completed within an hour or two. For example, the professionals at All Nation Restoration have the heavy-duty, high-powered equipment to quickly remove large amounts of water from a home or business affected by a water leak or flooding. Industrial strength dehumidifiers immediately lower humidity levels to accelerate the drying process. Rapid-spin fans dramatically increase air circulation. Special equipment and techniques are deployed to remove moisture hidden or trapped behind walls and under flooring. Moisture-detecting technology measures humidity levels to ensure a thorough drying process. The professionals at All Nation Restoration are able to arrive on the scene, assess the situation, and begin the cleanup process within a few hours or less once the homeowner makes the initial contact. Rapid response and quick cleanup greatly reduce the likelihood of a potential mold infestation.

The team at All Nation Restoration can also remedy any mold issues that might have arisen as a result of a water leak that went undetected or neglected. Armed with special equipment, the latest mold-mitigation technology, and EPA-approved cleaning products, All Nation Restoration can handle any size mold removal and cleanup project.

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