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Storm Damage Cleanup and Recovery from the Dreaded Derecho
Friday, May 13th 2022, 12:00 PM

How Austin, TX, Home and Business Owners Can Recover from Storm Damage Caused by a Derecho

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All Nation Restoration professionals are the storm and water damage restoration team to call when severe weather causes property damage at a home or business.  Spring and summer are the seasons most vulnerable to heavy thunderstorms, hailstorms, straight-line winds, tornadoes, and Derechos. Each type of storm has its identifiable damage pattern, though they share similar characteristics. Severe storm damage calls for serious cleanup and restoration by an experienced, certified, and prepared professional.

Derecho Storm Damage

A derecho is an expansive, fast-moving windstorm associated with a band of thunderstorms and can cover hundreds of square miles and last for hours. A derecho lacks rotation like a hurricane or tornado. The damage pattern is along a straight line and is often referred to as “straight-line wind damage. Wind gusts in a derecho can be from 58mph to 100mph, sometimes higher! For a windstorm to qualify as a derecho, the damage path must be at least 400 miles long and 60 miles wide.

If a derecho is in the forecast, the safest place is indoors and away from windows. The winds are strong enough to break tree limbs and turn lawn furniture, garbage cans, and trampolines into dangerous projectiles. Roof vents, shingles, gutters, and siding can take a beating during a derecho.


Recovering from a Derecho

By following these steps, a homeowner or business can stay safe, begin the cleanup and restoration process, and resume everyday life or business operations.

Step #1: Contact the local power company in the event of a power outage.

If the severe weather causes a power outage, contact the utility provider for that area. Most companies have advanced automated devices relaying data about locations without power. However, some smaller, more local utilities may not have sophisticated technology and alert capabilities.

Step #2: Stay safe.

When water and electricity mix, the results could be disastrous. Watch out for any downed power lines around the structure or in the neighborhood. If downed power lines are spotted in wet or flooded areas, avoid contact with the pool of water. The wires could still be hot. Residual electricity from a neighbor or cleanup crew operating a generator could potentially charge the lines. Other hazards include nails protruding from boards, glass fragments, and submerged debris. Broken or weak tree limbs may fall to the ground during a gust of wind, causing personal injury or more property damage. Avoid approaching pets, farm animals, and wild animals as they might be traumatized and respond by biting or clawing. DIY cleanup and restoration activities often lead to severe injury or death from slip-and-falls, electrocution, tree work accidents, and falls from a ladder.

Step #3: Stay informed.

Stay tuned in to the local weather alert system with a weather radio and a subscription to mobile phone alerts. Make friends, family, and business contacts aware of any situation that might affect them. Social media can be helpful in times of disaster and isolation.

Step #4: Hire a reputable damage restoration company to take care of any storm and water damage restoration needs.

The company should have solid references and social media reviews. IICRC certifications indicate competency. The service provider should be bonded, insured, and licensed to protect the homeowner from any liabilities in case of an accident or faulty work. Inquire about guaranteed response times. A rapid response reduces advanced secondary damage such as swollen baseboards, warped sheetrock, buckled flooring, and dreaded mold.

The best time to find and qualify a property damage restoration company is before property damage occurs. A state of chaos, sirens blaring in the background, water cascading through the ceiling, smoke billowing out the front door, or sewage oozing out of the bathroom can make the qualification process extremely stressful. The added stress can make it difficult for the homeowner or business owner to make a careful and informed decision.

The All Nation Restoration team is committed to customer service and client satisfaction. The Austin, TX, damage restoration company can handle the entire project, bring it to completion, and provide the necessary documentation that work has been completed.

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