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Damage Restoration Company Explains How to Avoid Mold Damage in the Garage
Friday, April 8th 2022, 2:00 PM

Preventing and Remediating Mold Damage in the Garage

Austin, United States - April 8, 2022 / All Nation Restoration /

All Nation Restoration specializes in mold remediation in Austin, TX, and mold removal services are essential for the area since the local climate’s temperature and humidity foster mold growth. Residents of Austin, TX, know that the city is a great place to live and conduct business. Choosing a mold remediation company is a proactive step for homeowners and businesses in the community.

An article in Forbes asked the question, “Is Austin, TX, The Best City in America?” The article states, “What is it about Austin, Texas? This southern city keeps making headlines. Austin has recently been voted the No. 1 place to live in America for the third year in a row — based on affordability, job prospects, and quality of life. It was named the fastest-growing large city in the U.S. It ranked No. 4 of the best large cities to start a business. It was chosen among the top 15 cities in the United States to visit. And its home state of Texas took the top spot in a study of the best states for female entrepreneurs.”

The article went on to highlight that Austin is also attractive to tech companies. “It’s no secret that Austin, Texas is a hotbed for technology, startups, and innovation. There are so many tech companies that Austin has been nicknamed “Silicon Hills.” Apple recently announced that it is creating a $1 billion campus with the capacity for 15,000 employees, making it the largest private employer in Austin. A hiring surge from Facebook is turning Austin into the third-largest U.S. hub outside of the company’s Silicon Valley headquarters. And in the past couple of years, Google and Oracle have opened offices downtown…Austin has also long been the tech center of Texas, with 6,500 startups and tech companies based here, including Dell — which was founded in 1984 by Michael Dell while he was at the University of Texas and helped kick off the city’s technology boom.”

Why Mold Thrives in Austin, TX, Garages

Garages are popular in Texas, especially in the upscale Austin area. The garage is referred to as the “Texas basement” since basements are rare in Texas due to the high water table, which makes it challenging to keep a basement dry. Also, the native bedrock is close to the surface, so excavating a basement through solid rock is quite expensive.

A garage is susceptible to mold infestation because high humidity, minimal ventilation, and little sunlight create an environment where mold thrives. A garage creates just such an environment.


Tips for Preventing Mold Growth in Austin, TX, Garages

These easy-to-follow-tips will help Austin, TX, homeowners reduce one of the mainstays of the mold diet: moisture.

Tip #1: Look for leaks.

Begin by looking for leaks in the most likely places: the floor, roof, and gutters. Seal floor cracks and repair leaks immediately to prevent further moisture intrusions. Hire a roofing contractor to inspect the entire roof, especially the area over the garage. While on the roof, the contractor can also check the gutters for dents, cracks, and separation.

Tip #2: Refurbish or replace the garage door.

The garage door may need to be weather-proofed. Seal cracks and insulate the panels. Replace damaged weather stripping and, if necessary, the bottom seal. If the entire door needs replacing, select a replacement door with pre-insulated panels.

Tip #3: Take steps to lower the humidity in the garage.

Enhance ventilation and airflow with vents and fans. Raise the garage door for several hours during the day to let in sunlight, and install a heavy-duty dehumidifier to remove moisture when the garage is closed off.

Tip #4: Waterproof where possible.

Use mold-resistant drywall, waterproof paint, and pre-coated aluminum siding for new construction or a remodeling job.

Tip #5: Don’t stand for standing water.

Water puddles in the garage may come from wind-blown rain or a freshly washed vehicle. Remove the water and dry the area with a leaf blower or dehumidifier. Water and moisture on a smooth garage floor create a serious risk of a slip-and-fall injury. A mold problem pales in comparison to a broken hip or a concussion. Reducing moisture and humidity makes for a safer garage.

Tip #6: Keep the floor drains clean and flowing.

Clean drains and adequate floor slope can keep the garage high and dry when severe weather hits. If any water intrusion occurs, the drain system will promptly evacuate the unwanted moisture.

Tip #7: Extend gutter downspouts.

Extend the downspouts to at least ten feet away from the garage. The ground slope needs to be about one inch per foot to prevent pooling around the foundation, including the garage area.

Tip #8: Contact All Nation Restoration if a mold infestation is discovered.

Experienced technicians utilize the latest equipment, advanced cleaning techniques, and the safest and most effective cleaning products to remediate household mold outbreaks, including in the garage.

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