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Flood Damage Restoration Company Explains How to Assess the Severity of a Leak
Thursday, March 10th 2022, 1:00 PM

How Homeowners Can Tell if a Water Leak Is an Emergency Situation

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All Nation Restoration realizes the disruption, anxiety, and cost of water and flood damage. The company’s damage restoration professionals come alongside Austin, TX, home and business owners and do all the hard work and heavy lifting so homeowners and businesses can return to normal as quickly as possible. To ensure customers receive the best service the industry has to offer, All Nation Restoration provides technicians with the best training, equipment, and innovative technology.  Property damage restoration services are customized to the client’s needs, including water damage restoration.


What Causes Water Leaks?

Water leaks occur for a variety of reasons.

  1. A plumbing leak may develop during periods of extreme temperature variations where the expansion and contraction of the pipes over time cause a leak at a joint or along a crack in the pipe.
  2. Animals can chew a hole in a water pipe. A scuffle in the crawl space between a pet and a raccoon, possum, or skunk could also cause water pipes to break.
  3. Tree roots, though they grow relatively slowly, are capable of puncturing pipes.
  4. Pipes can rupture due to age.
  5. Sometimes, pipes leak for no apparent reason or discernible cause, such as age or damage from activity under the house.


When Does a Water Leak Become a Problem?

All leaks need to be addressed promptly to prevent serious water damage from occurring. For some leaks, repairs can wait until morning or the next business day. Other leaks require immediate attention from a plumber, even in the middle of the night. Listed below are some factors to help home and business owners make the best decision about the leak.

1. How severe is the leak?

Is the leak a few drops a second? Can the leak be captured in a bucket or large pan until morning or until the plumber arrives? Water gushing from a burst pipe in the ceiling could be dumping as much as seven to nine gallons of water per minute onto the floor. The homeowner needs to shut off the water at the home’s emergency shutoff valve. Mitigating the water intrusion could save thousands of dollars in water damage restoration. Be aware that the water damage present may be much more extensive than the water damage that is visible. A trained and experienced water damage specialist will need to assess the extent of the damages.

Make sure family members know where the emergency shutoff valve is located. Place a note in a high-traffic area; the note should be a reminder of the valve’s location.

An emergency service call after hours comes at an additional cost. However, an additional inconvenience fee is much less than the restoration costs for more extensive water damage. Paying extra to have the leak fixed and water damage mitigated quickly could save thousands of dollars in cleanup and restoration expenses resulting from an unrepaired water leak continuing to cause damage, or large amounts of standing water continuing to be absorbed by construction materials and causing mold to form.

2. Is the leak occurring during cold weather?

If the pipes are leaking due to cold weather, prompt repair is crucial. Leaking water can freeze and cause other pipes to burst, making the problem worse.

3. How soon will people need to use the plumbing?

If the use of the plumbing is essential for immediate sanitary or health reasons, then a plumber should be contacted to request an emergency service call.

Water Damage Indicators

An accurate assessment of the size of the leak and the extent of the water damage can be difficult to determine. Here are some key indicators the water damage may be more extensive than initially thought.

  1. The walls, ceilings, or flooring are stained or discolored.
  2. The area around the leak is moist.
  3. Water accumulation is expanding as time passes.
  4. A musty, mildewy smell indicates that the leak has been present long enough for mildew and mold to grow.
  5. The water pressure seems to be noticeably lower.
  6. The homeowner is receiving irregularly high water bills, which may indicate a water leak.
  7. The water meter continues to register water flow when all the water in the house has been turned off.
  8. There are unexplained wet spots in the yard near the water meter or along the zone where the pipes connect from the meter to the home.
  9. Dripping noises at night and water in the crawl space indicate a water leak.


Cleanup, Repair, and Restoration Solutions

The experts at All Nation Restoration are committed to providing customers with great service and excellent cleanup, repair, and restoration. Damage restoration technicians are on-call 24/7, 365 days a year, even on holidays. The water damage restoration company in Austin, TX, manages the entire project from start to finish and provides the necessary documentation that work has been completed.

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