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Restoration Company Debunks Common Myths about Mold Growth and Mold Removal
Monday, February 14th 2022, 5:07 AM

Dispelling Seven Myths about Mold and Mold Remediation in Austin, TX

Austin, United States - February 7, 2022 / All Nation Restoration /

All Nation Restoration specializes in mold removal services, and the team does all the hard work and heavy lifting dealing with mold so homeowners and businesses can stay safe while moving forward with life and business. The damage restoration and cleaning company provides cutting-edge training, advanced technology, and innovative techniques to their staff. Property damage restoration services are custom fit to the client’s needs, including mold removal in Austin, TX, and the surrounding area.

Mold is everywhere and on everything. Problems arise when conditions are such that a mold infestation occurs. It can grow very quickly in dark, warm, moisture places where organic material such as wood, paper, clothing, drywall, and carpet is present. In as little as 24 to 48 hours, mold can infest a home that has suffered a water damage disaster. Scientists have learned much about mold and have harnessed many of its benefits. With all that has been learned about mold, many people still have misconceptions. When myths are dispelled, property owners can have a more accurate understanding of mold and its effect on the home, as well as how to effectively deal with a mold problem.

Myth #1: Mold can be totally eliminated from the home.

The misconception is that a home, business, or other structure can be completely free of any mold spores whatsoever. The truth is that mold spores are everywhere, both outdoors and indoors. The issue is the concentration of mold spores floating in the air and growing on things in the home.

While it is possible to reduce mold levels, a consistent “net zero” mold status is virtually impossible. However, mold should be kept in check since a mold infestation can lead to health effects and can cause significant damage to the home if not promptly remediated. A reputable damage restoration company will use appropriate cleaning techniques and cleaning products and will identify and resolve any moisture issues or water intrusions in order to prevent the mold issue from returning.

Myth #2: Mold can always be seen with the naked eye.

This myth involves the misconception that if mold is not visible, it is not present and not a problem. Some types of mold are not readily visible to the unaided eye. In these cases, smell can be a more accurate indicator of a mold problem. A musty odor can signal a moisture issue, and mold thrives where moisture is present.

Myth #3: The average person can identify the species of mold growing in their home.

Mold species number in the hundreds of thousands, far too many to identify without careful testing and special technology.

Myth #4: Bleach effectively kills mold.

Bleach does not kill mold spores; it only discolors the mold. The mold will reappear in areas where moisture and humidity are high. Use a combination of household detergent and water to clean contaminated surfaces. Run the exhaust fan in the bathroom to reduce humidity levels when taking a bath or shower.

Myth #5: A little mold spot is ok.

If moisture issues are left unresolved, a small, insignificant mold spot can spread to walls, flooring, ceilings, furniture, or anything else organic upon which the mold can feed. The HVAC system can disperse mold spores throughout the home and cause widespread damage.

Myth #6: Mold cleanup can be a safe and effective DIY project.

Professional mold remediation services may be needed on areas as small as ten square feet or less. Improper mold removal techniques can increase mold growth. Mold remediation professionals utilize the proper equipment, cleaning techniques, and cleaning products to efficiently and safely resolve mold issues.

Myth #7: Once the mold is removed, it will not return.

Mold can be effectively remediated. However, if the moisture and humidity issues are not resolved, the mold will most likely return.

Homeowners and business owners can trust the team of mold remediation professionals at All Nation Restoration. Homeowners and business owners needing a team of qualified professionals to handle mold remediation in Austin, TX, can rely upon All Nation Restoration. Technicians possess the proper training and experience to remove, remediate and treat mold infestations.

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